ENT-007 | "Memory Lane"

ADF-SR: 0010

Anomaly Type(s): NET-II, HaS (Questionable: Tel, Rec-II)

Cases: 0056

This entity takes the form of a Viewmaster toy with a picture wheel which cannot be removed. Like a normal Viewmaster, there is a button to cycle through the pictures. Unlike the toy, however, ENT-007 shows forgotten and/or represed memories of other people. If you look at a scene long enough, it will begin to play as a film with perfect detail. Any sounds from these "films" can only be heard by the observer.

There seems to be no pattern in how ENT-007 "chooses" the memories when cycling the picture wheel; these memories come from all over the globe, and we've yet to see the same one twice. In fact, it is technically unknown as to whether these "memories" are real to begin with, hence the questionable "Rec-II" behavior. The "Tel" type behavior is debated with similar reasoning; if ENT-007 is creating these scenes, no minds are being read, thus it has no telepathic ability.

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