ENT-005 | "Mr. Paranoia"

ADF-SR: 1335-L

Anomaly Type(s): HaV, Loc-II, EmMa

Cases: 0019

ENT-005 is a shadowy figure in a trenchcoat and fedora with blindingly white eyes, only visable to one person at a time (whom we shall call its "target"). It most commonly appears in crowds, at bus stops (especially if it has a bench), and in dimly lit corridors. When it does appear, it will face its target until something passes in front, when it will promptly disappear. The target will always know where and when it has appeared, and they will feel paranoid until the figure vanishes. The only way to stop being targeted is to touch the entity.

If the entity does not have a target, it will be visable to anyone. Whoever is the first to make eye-contact with it will be the new target.

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