ENT-001 | "Moving Mannequin"

ADF-SR: 3521-E

Anomaly Type(s): MaR-I, PA-II, Loc-I (Questionable: HM)

Cases: 0006

Descovered in Case 0006, ENT-001 is a mannequin that only moves when not seen. This movement can also be prevented by cameras, regardless of whether the feed is being watched or saved. When not visable, ENT-001 becomes human-like in temperature, weight, and speed, though its "skin" keeps its original texture and material. When visable, all properties return to that of the mannequin from which it came.

If there is a person within ~5m of ENT-001, it attempts to blind and disable them by any means. Once succsesful, the entity will try to kill them. This entity will cooperate with others of its kind to achieve this.

These entities seem to appear if a pre-existing manenequin has been left unobserved for a long period of time, though the exact duration has yet to be measured. They can, however, be terminated if peirced to some "other side;" If hollow, one must only cut until the concavity has been reached. Otherwise, one must cut all the way through.

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