Anomaly Detection Federation [ADF]


About Us

The ADF was founded by conspiracy theorists Jane Daniels and Micheal Ford. They created this organization to "find what the government wants to hide." The two would post flyers telling people to call if something seemed out of the ordinary. Expecting a lack of callers, Ford and Daniels would also look into the local urban ledgends, hoping to find some truth in these stories. After encourtering two entities, with Daniels killed by the second, Ford states "I understand why [the government] kept this s**t away from us."

The ADF no longer acts with anti-gov motivations. Rather, we research out of morbid curiosity, knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Though we advise against it, you may use our data to aid in your own studies.


Harry Curtis

Jane Daniels [Deceased]

Micheal Ford

Siobhan York

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